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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm back

It's a long drive back to the UK from the Dordogne! I'm sure I'll eventually regain some feeling in my legs but that's only because I'm an incurable optimist.

But, here's the good news - it's raining. Makes the whole thirteen hour drive plus s-l-o-w channel crossing worth it. vbg

I had an absolutely fabulous time. JUST what the doctor ordered. Last summer my husband was mid chemotherapy so we didn't go away. This was designed as a real treat. Time to read, see new places, refresh my imagination and spend time 'just us seven'. It worked on all levels.

So, we began in Normandy - here:

Then went to the Loire - here:

And THEN to a small hilltop village a short drive from Brantome (you know I'd do the accents if I knew how. It's a 'hat' that goes over the 'o'.) in the Perigord region of the Dordogne.

Always assuming my editor doesn't suck in air and announce French heroes have 'limited global appeal' I feel my muse is well and truly tickled.

Now it's back to real life with a bump. I have one day to get my brood ready for school and tomorrow I'm also off to Stotfold Library to give a talk as part of my commitment to the UKs National Year of Reading. 2.30 if you are within reach of Bedfordshire.

Better have a glass of wine and decide what to talk about!

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  • At 6:53 am, Blogger India said…

    So glad you had a lovely time--looks like heaven to me and if you escaped the rain that HAS to be worth the long drive!

    And French heroes are DE-LICIOUS. That Abby Green's done a couple, and my next release features one, so don't take no for an answer! (And then you can enjoy the smug feeling of having spent the summer doing 'research'. V conscientious...)


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