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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pink Heart Society

Less than two hours to go before the launch of the newest of new blogs.

If you love category romance the Pink Heart Society is for you. There will be a new post every day - and a chance to talk about anything and everything category related.

Look in on Sunday 3rd to read an interview with wonderful 'Romance' author Liz Fielding. And on Wednesdays come and meet some of the very newest M&B authors. In between all that there'll be blogs by Trish Wylie, Ally Blake, Nicola Marsh and I.

And guess who I'm blogging about in September ......?

Inspirational, isn't he??? See you there!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm home!

And Arundel was as lovely as ever.

I did, of course, buy too many books and consume too many cakes at Belinda's. My personal preference is for the toasted teacake oozing with melted butter.

I've also returned home very pleased with the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk - who own and live in Arundel Castle. Their family ticket is for 2 adults and 5 children. Bliss! I can't tell you how rare that is!!

Apparently this is all down to the fact that the Duke and Duchess have, themselves, five children and thought they should stretch their family ticket. Moreover, we were treated as persons of interest as every ticket collector and tour guide showed us pictures of the Duke and his family. Offspring number 3 was inclined to think their children are spoilt because they own quad bikes. Still, excellent opportunity to talk about attitudes to money ...

Now I'm home ...

Sitting on my mat was the print-out of my mothers' day novella - all beautiful and shiny now my spelling and punctuation has been sorted out. I must get on with reading that. It's my last chance to change anything.

And, of course, the diet. I've not started yet. We're so close to September it doesn't quite seem worth starting 'til then. Don't you think?

Trouble is, I know it has to be not so much of a diet as a change of lifestyle. Vanity aside, both my mum and aunt are diabetic so I'm something of a ticking time bomb.

1st September it is! I shall begin the 'new and improved' lifestyle as a celebration of the Pink Heart Society blog launch. Don't forget to join us!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm off on holiday

And I can't wait!

Always assuming I manage to get there, of course. I'm driving - and I'm hopeless. I've just printed off a very complicated set of instructions and I'm going to sit my daughter in the passenger seat and blame her if we get lost. After all, why else do we have children????

And this is where I'm heading.

Arundel in the English county of Sussex.

If ever I have the kind of money that would let me have a second home I'd be tempted to buy one there. I intend to spend far too much money in the second hand bookshop and eat beautiful cakes in 'Belinda's' tea shop.

Then I shall come home and diet. This is very important! You mustn't let me forget. I'll only have a month to try and get myself into some kind of shape before I have to meet up with Nic and Trish in person. I'm a comfort eater - and life has been tough. Is tough - so, perhaps this isn't the best time ...? Perhaps?

If I come up with any better excuses I'll let you know when I get back.

Otherwise I'm about to embark on my second ever diet. The first was after my fifth child was born and was very successful. Since then I've put on .. 4 stone and most of that has been since selling my first book. Can't believe it. I'm now heavier than I was when I was pregnant (and I put on 3 stone a baby)! And every time I come on here I see a picture of myself looking thin ... (And a decade younger - but let's not be cruel.) Very, very depressing.

While I'm gone please give some thought as to what you'd like to see on the new Pink Heart Society blog which is launching on 1st September. Can't believe it's so close. I think Trish, Nic, Ally and I have had some great ideas and it should be really good fun.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

School holidays and other distractions

I'm pleased to say my novella has gone off for copy editing and I'm about to paid. Always a nice feeling.

So, now I'm about to go back to Niroli - my continuity book which I had to abandon (with permission) to write the novella. I have a little over 10K to do and need to pick up all the threads once more ...

And, of course, it's the long school holidays which engenders great guilt in me when I try and combine them with writing. As a girl brought up on Enid Blyton I do feel holidays ought to be all about adventures, macaroons and lashings of ginger beer. Instead of which my brood are dealing with a jet-lagged mother who is about to dig down out of sight to finish off another book.

Still ...

The upside to all this deprevation is that our visit to the library was deemed very exciting because the one remaining book of mine on the shelves had been borrowed twenty-four times. And I came home to French copies of 'For Our Children's Sake'. My daughter was very impressed and set to with her French dictionary immediately.

So, now off to Niroli ....