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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's getting complicated ...

Maths is sooooo not my strong point!

In 'Crowned: An Ordinary Girl' Seb was 29. He was 20 when his father died. Soooo that means his sister, Isabelle, was 22 during that book and 13 when her father died.

Now - Hanif is the same age as Seb. Rashid younger.

In the book I've just written Rashid was 29. Hanif was 4 when his mother died. Bahiyaa just a baby. So that means if Prince Khalid, mourning the loss of one wife, lost no time in getting together with a second, the closest age gap I can have between the half brothers is 5 years, right? So that means Hanif has to 34. Which makes Izzy 27.

Now if I want a two year gap so that Hanif can become King .....

That means Hanif and Seb are now 36. Marianne is now 35. Bahiyaa is 32. Izzy is 29.

If that's not right, please don't tell me. This all seemed like such a good idea when I started.

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  • At 5:40 am, Blogger Michelle Styles said…

    It seems right to me.
    But if you are going to write series, you need a spreadsheet with dates. YOu choose a different colour for each book and fill in the relevent details. If you make book one year 0, it helps.

    BTW, JK Rowling ended up with a continuity editor -- an editor whose sole job was to check the details were accurate, including the length of wnads etc. Apparently there are some continuity mistakes in her early books.

  • At 8:54 am, Blogger Natasha Oakley said…

    Too late now, Michelle. This is a continuity 'thrust upon me'! Oh well. At least it keeps the brain cells working.

    Interesting re: the Harry Potter books. And I love spotting continuity errors in movies. One of my favourites is in 'Ever After'. The happy ending bit where Drew Barrymore meets the prince come to rescue her. Just watch her hair!


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