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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bedford River Festival

It's exhausting enjoying yourself! This weekend is the 30th Bedford River Festival. It's a bi-annual extravaganza and it's ENORMOUS - the second largest free festival in the UK, being beaten only by the Notting Hill Carnival.

It's still going but I've had enough of the crowds now and will happily shut myself away in the cupboard-I-fondly-call-my-study all next week.

Being so huge the festival attracts market stall holders from Europe and I think that's my favourite part. That aside there's live music on five stages, fun fairs, a carnival procession which winds through the town, an illuminated boat parade, a living history roman encampment by castle mound (the stones of the castle having been pillaged centuries ago), raft races on the Ouse and a whopping firework display on the Saturday night.

Oh and then there's craft stalls, face painting, a community stage, a sports village and countless bars dotted along the length of the Victorian Embankment.

For all the event is free it ends up being an expensive weekend. I mean who can resist candyfloss and kangeroo burgers?

Next one 2010.


I'm giving a Library talk at Shefford Library in Bedfordshire on Thursday 17th July at 7.30. If you're anywhere near it'd be lovely to see you.

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  • At 9:49 am, Blogger Suzanne Brandyn said…

    Hi Natasha,
    I just love festivals, and so colourful. Also I would love to be at the library, but alas we are separted by a little water. My swimming is not that strong. :)
    Hope you have a great time, and all the best.


  • At 1:21 pm, Blogger Natasha Oakley said…

    As excuses go, Suz, that's quite a good one. :)

  • At 9:20 am, Blogger Suzanne Brandyn said…

    lol... It is true. :)

    Oh, A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE OTHER DAY... GEE 21 AGAIN... can I ask, if it is not too rude, how many times do you turn 21?

    Suz from Down Under. :)

    All the best


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