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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Winning Streak

Today was the Grand National. Even for a non-horsey person like me this is a big deal. For my extended family it means the 'family sweep'. At stake is a rather battered silver cup which I would show you except I was the holder for 2007 and I'm afraid I've not looked after it as I should.

We randomly pick three horses - one fairly hopeless, one okayish and one with a chance. This year, I'm pleased to say I lost. The cup goes to Auntie Mary! But, morally, it was my victory and my brother is still reeling from the shock. 'Comply or Die' was my choice (because he liked the going) and if only I'd had the courage of my convictions I'd be counting my winnings tonight. I'm not going to tell him my source either!

Tomorrow is my dad's 70th birthday so I've been chopping vegetables for England. Really not much energy left tonight for anything but a glass of wine - or two.

But I have written my Pink Heart Society blog for Monday. It's my turn to pick the Male on Monday. Jude Law, I thought.

If you arrive early you'll find a fabulous post by the lovely Kate Walker and Biddy's update on her writing progress. Biddy is an aspiring Harlequin Mills & Boon novelist and her posts always make me laugh. Go see.

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  • At 11:56 am, Blogger Ally Blake said…

    Love the races. Especially since I've been a Dick Francis fan from way back.
    I usually choose my pick beacuse I like the colour of the jockey's outfit. Very technical!

    Wish we could see the cup ;).



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