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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rusty people carrier RIP

Oh heck! Has it really been that long since I blogged?? Doesn't time fly when you are busy!

Anyway, book in and new book gently simmering. I am at the stage where I'm wondering whether I really ought to see if I can unbury my desk. Never a very nice prospect because the chances of finding something I really should have dealt with a while back is, sadly, high!

I am having to be a little bit distracted from all things creative because my car has died and I need to buy a new one. To be absolutely honest, the mechanic has managed to get me back on the road but it's definitely temporary. Current top speed is 53mph and it's a bumpy ride.

All in all it was a fairly humiliating experience. What is it with mechanics?????? Or is it just the ones I meet? Maybe it's the impression I give???

Mechanic: "Any chance you might have put in the wrong fuel?"
Me: Ah, let me think....... I've been driving this car for nine years. I do think I might just have got the hang of filling it up with diesel in that time ....


It got slightly worse - but then I'm afraid I set myself up.

Mechanic: "What you need, love, is a minibus." (Remember I am the original old woman with so many children ....)
Me: "Yes, but that's not got a lot of street cred, has it!"
Mechanic: "Not a lot of street cred in what you're driving."


But I still do need to buy a car and I HATE that even more than I hate buying laptops.

Money no object I could do it just fine. Obviously colour is the most important thing and general image. Yes, I am that shallow.

Only I do have a hideous school run which racks up 60 miles a day. I need to transport five children and a cello. Any suggestions???

Fortunately I have had some lovely news to bolster my spirits - but I can't tell you yet! I know, I know. What was the point in mentioning it! :)



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