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Monday, February 25, 2008


Apparently 'storage' is one of the most 'looked for' things in buying a new house. By women, that is. Presumably because we are the ones who put everything away???

Post house extension I lost all my book shelves. I did make an urgent trip to IKEA to buy multiple packs of Billy bookcases but I've now overstuffed those to the extent that all shelves are bowing. I'm waiting - not too patiently - for my husband to make some new ones. Note to all: Do NOT marry a man with a degree in furniture design. Yes, he can make it BUT you will be waiting a very long time for him to do so and he will not pay anyone else to even when he's ill!

But I digress. I got sent a fabulous link today. I must have been moaning particularly loudly. :)

Okay so that's looking down from the top. What do you think?

The staircase is designed by Levitate Architects and is made in English oak. I'm in lust. Beats the average loft staircase hands down, doesn't it. Unfortunately I live in a house that has the wrong kind of roof struts for a loft extenstion so I am still looking for the perfect storage solution for my books.

All suggestions welcome!

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