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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Customer Service

is a concept entirely unknown to PC World. If you've not got time to read this blog I can summarise what's to follow by saying DO NOT BUY A LAPTOP FROM PC WORLD. And, yes, I do mean to shout.

I have just wasted another blasted day and I'm so cross you wouldn't believe it.

Remember my laptop died and I replaced it with a Toshiba? I liked the fact it has a curved front which is kinda kind on the wrists ...

Anyway I also bought my daughter one for her birthday. Not two months later it has packed up. I can cope with this. These things happen, BUT it's how things are handled once they've gone wrong that matters.

My husband and I took it to our local PC World and explained that while our daughter was using it the screen froze. She turned it off and it refused to turn back on. Man in PC uniform tried one or two things and confirmed it wouldn't start.

And this is where it starts to become ridiculous.

We can't have an exchange because we've had the laptop over 28 days. This is regardless of the fact it's had very moderate use, never been on the internet and is 'like new' being less than two months old. He then says has to go 'back to Toshiba' and this will take up to six weeks. They have to determine whether or not it was misuse in the home or a computer fault. Once they have made this decision they will decide whether to offer us a repair. Repair not a replacement note!

I'm fairly spitting tacks at this point but it gets worse.

It'll be easier FOR US if we contact Toshiba direct. They have a collection 'as and when' whereas if we phone it will be collected much quicker. He also said we could remove my daughter's coursework by plugging it into my computer at home.

Home we went and tried to save her work - but you can't. Whatever is wrong with the thing isn't allowing anything that simple. I also do a little internet searching on my customer rights. Apparently you shouldn't let a retailer send you to the manufacturer direct. You bought from THEM.

So back to PC World. Different man. This one much more irritating. Now he REALLY doesn't want to do anything to help. We remain calm, polite, but determined he will provide some level of customer service. We insist he signs a piece of paper as to the condition of the laptop we've left with him. We've taken photographs too. Belt and braces. I have zero confidence now.

And that's it. We wait now to see how reputable Toshiba are ... I'll let you know.

But we are without a laptop for an indefinite period. Can you imagine how I'd be feeling now if it had been mine that had died?????

If you are a writer of anything, if you in any way depend on your laptop for your work, derive any kind of pleasure from using one, DO NOT BUY FROM PC WORLD.

Boy, but I'm cross.



  • At 7:09 am, Blogger Kate Hardy said…

    They're the same with desktop computers.

    This is why I buy from a local dealer. When my PC has gone wrong, I ring up, drop it in, and they ring me later that day to tell me what's wrong and how long it will take to fix, and they ring me to say when it's ready to pick up. They also check to see if I need to borrow a computer while mine is in.

    OK, their PCs are much dearer than PC World. But the peace of mind...

    I was going to buy the kids a laptop when I get paid next. But it's NOT going to be from PCW.

  • At 5:07 pm, Blogger Natasha Oakley said…

    Good! It's absolutely ridiculous. Considering the time we've had it, it should be a straight replacement. I'm still livid.


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