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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cabin Fever

My children are back at school after the Easter break, my husband is stealing my car to get to work ... so really there is no excuse not to sit my bottom in the chair and get on with the WIP. I know, as a career author, I ought to say I begin at 8am and finish at 7pm having produced x number of words but the truth is ... I don't write like that.

I'm still struggling to get a feel for what's happening in this book and, right now, I feel like I'm squeezing a turnip through a sieve. I've come to accept that's part of my process. Just what I do. The huge downside of working like this is that I reward myself with food and, courtesy of India Grey, I now know Sainsburys is selling Ikea Dime bars. That won't help any.

Eventually I will speed up, the book will get finished and I will forget all the labour pains.

In the meantime, I've read a lot of blogs (cf the dime bar post). I've bought an outfit. Just a click away! Hopefully it will fit or I'll be a scary Mills & Boon panelist at Lincoln's Literary Festival next month. I've added twenty or so books to my Amazon basket. Fortunately felt guilty enough about the outfit not to click 'buy now'. I can now tell you James McAvoy's wife, Anne-Marie Duff, used to go out with David Tennant. I'm not sure how useful that information will be but it's now forever lodged in my brain.

And, this evening, I took myself to see George Clooney. Anyone else seen 'Leatherheads'?

Okay, I don't get it!

I know I was at a disadvantage because I've no idea how American football is played. (Truth be told, I have no idea how English football is played ...) But, I don't think I'd have liked the movie any better if I did. It's a strange one because it kept me entertained but I just kept feeling it could be so much better. Maybe it's because it harked back to the old black and white movies I love and ... wasn't. George Clooney isn't Cary Grant any more than Renée Zellweger is Rosalind Russell. There's a fair amount of slapstick which seemed out of place to me. And, worst of all, I think I connected with the wrong character ...

But good to be out of the house.

PS No news on the laptop yet!

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