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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Public Humiliation!

Over at the Pink Heart Society blog it's Hamper Day. Not only that Ally has decreed we must share the name of our first love. There's nothing quite like humiliating oneself in public, is there!

Just consider, since the launch of our group blog in September, I've found myself on a diet I hadn't planned to go on and am spending far too much time googling pictures of Richard Armitage and Rufus Sewell. Now I've had to tell you about my adolescent fantasy. Any aspiring writers out there ought to seriously consider the personal cost of selling to Harlequin!!!

After a bit of thought - for I was a fickle girl - I plumped for Michael Praed as 'Robin of Sherwood'. There was something about all that chest hair which delighted my girlish heart.

Naturally I saw myself as a latent redhead. Judi Trott's hair really is worthy of any Mills & Boon heroine. I can feel the envy washing over me as I type.

Incidentally, 'Robin of Sherwood' is available on DVD in the UK and will be soon (13th March) in the USA and Canada. I've just put it on my amazon rental list. I feel it's time for me to experience a 'blast from the past'.

You'll have to come back tomorrow to hear how much damage the Tipsy Laird Trifle did to my diet. Since it was delicious, I suspect lots.

Now I must write. Daniel, my hero of the moment, has a teenage daughter who's causing me quite as much trouble as she is him. When Cordelia's grown up a little more I shall probably give her a story of her own because she keeps trying to take over this one.

I'm beginning to think this book wants to be something quite different.


  • At 6:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    let me help with your Rufus googling ;)


  • At 6:11 pm, Blogger Natasha said…

    LOL That is *very* helpful, anonymous!

  • At 6:06 am, Blogger Trish said…

    Amd now you have anonymous helpers???

    That narrows down the *hero research* time! NO FAIR. Mind you... not sure I would want to give up that particular adventure...

    And having managed to GAIN weight this last week or so - which is disgustingly depressing - I ventured near the scales today and got a pleasant surprise... Which I shall blog about on my weigh in day...Mind you, having had one of my cats step on the scale while I tried to weigh myself the first time, I'm not entirely unconvinced that I'm the only one in this house who should be on a diet...

  • At 7:02 am, Anonymous Nicolette said…

    Yes, it's painful the research we writers have to put in when we're studying heroes. I tell you what, just to help out, you understand, you keep an eye of Rufus, and I'll watch Richard. Yes?

  • At 7:58 am, Blogger Natasha said…

    No. That won't do at all, Nicolette. I'm woman enough for both! :)


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