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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Diets, Disasters and Distractions

Okay, that's two very hard won lbs. I suppose I should be grateful because I did have a spectacular fall from grace on the 'chocolate biscuit day' and offspring 3 is doing school cooking this half term. I decided it was probably better not to even try and calculate the points in Pineapple Upside Down Cake since I was going to eat it anyway.

I think, perhaps, I'm not destined to be very thin anymore. Apparently Liz Hurley has stopped eating anything after 4.30pm in order to fit in her English size 8 wedding dress. She's quoted as saying she doesn't want to be too thin because she doesn't think that looks good on a woman over thirty. (Pause for a splutter here!)

More mind-boggling still is the news that she allows herself to snack of six raisins!!! That can't be true, can it???????

Fortunately I've not had too much time to ponder the pressure women everywhere are being put to achieve such a daft and distorted view of what's beautiful. Offspring 3 announced that he believed he had 'two cities' in his hair. These are words that strike doom into the heart of a mother-of-five.

There is something particularly unromantic about nits, don't you think??? I will freely confess to having been pulled entirely out of my WIP. So leaving the keyboard I went to find the nit-comb - and he's quite right! I've just spent a very productive hour torn between a very natural recoil and enjoyment at getting the little beggars.

Fortunately I never intended to try and do much writing this morning. My mum goes back into hospital on Wednesday and fancies a trip out somewhere. We're going to see 'Miss Potter' when, hopefully, the cinema will be empty!

Left to myself I don't think it's a movie I'd rush to see but I may be pleasantly surprised. Normally I'd be able tell you what I thought about it in my 'Film on Friday' Pink Heart Society slot - but not this month. Since picking Richard Armitage as my 'Male on Monday' I've discovered there are huge swathes of romance readers who have yet to discover 'North and South' and that has to be addressed first.

Besides, any excuse to include pictures of Richard Armitage has to be good, right??


  • At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Nicolette said…

    I absolutely agree, Natasha. I do need to see more pictures of Richard Armitage. Oh,sorry that should be 'we' not 'I'!!!!!

  • At 5:27 pm, Blogger Natasha said…


  • At 7:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    NITS! Yuck -- been there, makes my head crawl to read about them. Conditioner and lots of combing...

    Congrats on your weight loss.

    Richard Armitage is lovely.

  • At 3:32 am, Blogger JENNA said…

    You are still losing...focus on that.

    We haven't had the nits here...yet. It seems to be a rite of passage with kids. Here, we put a napalm like cocktail on kids heads and then go at them with the comb. I bet my babes would opt for shaved heads!


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