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Monday, October 20, 2008

Romantic Times Magazine

You'll never guess who I met at Biggleswade Library ....

a fellow member of the Armitage Army! (You may remember the Armitage Army is an online gathering of like minds in regard to almost all things regarding sexy British actor Richard Armitage. There is some difference of opinion on which character is the most sexy ...) And there was wonderful lemon drizzle cake and a chance to talk romantic fiction, too. Certainly worth washing my hair for!

Now it really is head down. Somehow in the next two weeks I have to finish this book of mine, celebrate offspring five's 10th birthday and my mother-in-law's 80th. It seems I'm on cake duty. In order to accommodate 80 candles I'm thinking a pyramid of cup cakes .... Oh and I've got to go and see David Tennant in the RSC production of
'Loves Labours' Lost'.

My latest copy of the Romantic Times magazine arrived a few days ago and I've only just got around to reading it. Harlequin 'Romance' obviously has some great books out this November in the UK and NA. There are five 4.5 ratings and one 3. Perfect Christmas stocking presents, wouldn't you say???

Meanwhile, over in Presents, my friend
Kate Walker's 'Bedded by a Greek Billionaire' is a Top Pick.

Seven years after he left in disgrace, Angelos Rousakis is back in London. He'd been attracted to Jessica Marshall but knew she was too young. But she wouldn't leave him alone and when her stepfather found them in what seemed to be a compromising position, Jessica placed the blame on him. Now Jessica's stepfather has died and she learns Angelos is now the owner of the estate. When Angelos sees Jessica he expects to feel triumphant but now wonders if his hate isn't masking something else. Kate Walker's Bedded by the Greek Billionaire (4.5) is a delicious melodrama full of dizzying emotions as the reader goes along with the highs and lows as this couple finds each other again.

—Sandra Garcia-Myers

And, if you get the magazine, on page 12 is a great article by another writing friend, Trish Wylie, on why she loves comics. This is the woman, btw, who distracted me today with YouTube clips of Smallville! 'Geek', she says, 'is the new chic!'

And for those of you wondering about my floor ...

It's ... er ... ongoing. (Enter own swear word here!)



  • At 8:25 am, Anonymous Ali said…

    It was lovely to meet you too. I really enjoyed it (and the cake)!

    I saw DT in Hamlet, if LLL is anything like that then you will have an amazing time.


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