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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Romantic Times Review!

This September is such an important month for me as it's the launch of the new 'Romance' line - and I have a book in that initial line-up.

Scary stuff! From the very beginning I felt a little starry-eyed at being shelf 'buddies' with fabulous Harlequin Romance authors Lucy Gordon and Liz Fielding and Silhouette Romance author Raye Morgan. Really hoped I wouldn't be seen as the 'weak link' when directly compared to authors who've written very many more books than I have.

And it would seem I'm not! I've had some lovely emails from readers which have really touched me and, today, I've received my 'Romantic Times' magazine and have just read the loveliest review written by Catherine Witmer.

Now, all authors are agreed that you can't let reviews matter too much - BUT ...

To regain her self-confidence, recently divorced mom Jemima Chadwick re-enters the workforce. She takes a temporary position in public relations whiz Miles Kingsley's office. On the job, Jemima keeps her distance from Miles, but the discovery that he's going to be the best man at her good friend's wedding changes things - fast. Still hurting over her ex's betrayal, Jemima is reluctant to let Miles get close, but he's determined to win her. Natasha Oakley's Accepting the Boss's Proposal(4) puts a humorous and utterly charming spin on a reader-favorite plot, and the result is as irresistible as the hero.

Well, I've got a smile on my face!!!


  • At 12:11 am, Anonymous Jopee said…

    Hi Natasha. Charming and irresistible is right! I absolutely loved Miles... and the whole book. It was so sweet and naughtily innocent :) Who did you model Miles after?

    I thought it fitting that I read the book on a day trip to London and I was loud and proud by reading it at the bus stops where everybody could see *g* Oh, and my son enjoyed the Eye too when I took him last Dec. Planning to take him to Covent Garden next. Any suggestions to what we could do there? Ive never been myself...

  • At 6:32 am, Blogger Natasha said…

    What a very good Pink Heart Society member you are!!

    As to where you should go ... Assuming your son is of an age where he would prefer to touch things - the Museum of Transport. Doesn't sound fun, I know, but my younger ones like clambering on and off the old buses!

    Come up from Leicester Sq tube and walk down towards the market part. Follow round to the left. It's there!

  • At 6:35 am, Blogger Natasha said…

    BTW Leicester Square tube station because Covent Garden is very very deep and the stairs up are a killer - particularly if you've decided to bring a buggy. *g*

  • At 8:45 am, Blogger Trish said…

    Jopee said *Sweet and yet naughtily innocent*... Mmmm Natasha. They do say that authors put a lot of themselves in their books, don't they??? ;)

  • At 8:52 am, Blogger Natasha said…

    LOL Trish! You must be forgetting I've read your ModX. Now *what* does that say about you??????

  • At 9:09 am, Blogger Trish said…

    I have a very active imagination?

    And with hero's like those in my head is it any wonder I look so disappointed in real life???

  • At 10:50 am, Anonymous Jopee said…

    LOL you two :) I did wonder, for single writers, if it was hard to find someone who could measure up to the men in your books or your mind. I know growing up that reading a lot of romances affected my choice or non-choice of boyfriends. The heroes just made the men I knew, well boys really, so immature.

    Natasha, Adam is 5 and a half and thankfully doesnt need a buggy anymore. Ooohhh a reason to go back to Leicester Square... and dimsum in China Town. Yipeey, were there *g* Thanks for the tips!


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