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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

School holidays and other distractions

I'm pleased to say my novella has gone off for copy editing and I'm about to paid. Always a nice feeling.

So, now I'm about to go back to Niroli - my continuity book which I had to abandon (with permission) to write the novella. I have a little over 10K to do and need to pick up all the threads once more ...

And, of course, it's the long school holidays which engenders great guilt in me when I try and combine them with writing. As a girl brought up on Enid Blyton I do feel holidays ought to be all about adventures, macaroons and lashings of ginger beer. Instead of which my brood are dealing with a jet-lagged mother who is about to dig down out of sight to finish off another book.

Still ...

The upside to all this deprevation is that our visit to the library was deemed very exciting because the one remaining book of mine on the shelves had been borrowed twenty-four times. And I came home to French copies of 'For Our Children's Sake'. My daughter was very impressed and set to with her French dictionary immediately.

So, now off to Niroli ....


  • At 5:19 pm, Blogger Liz Fielding said…

    Congratulations on the Mother's Day novella, Natasha. You are certainly qualified!

    I'm sure you'll find getting back to the Niroli a real eye-opener. A break can bring everything wonderfully into focus. You read through, pick up all the typing mistakes, tidy up "stuff" and suddenly it's all there.

    How lovely to receive your first French translation. It was years before they picked me up, but they've finally caught up.

  • At 1:05 am, Blogger allyblake said…

    10k is a lovely amount to have left, Natasha, especially after a break as Liz said. I'm sure once you read through, and ge back into the swing, those last few apges will fly!

    Congrats on the French translation too. French is the only other language I can almost speak so it's fun to have a read through the first few pages before I remember I can understand it way better spoken than read!


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