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Monday, July 17, 2006

Cookers and car seats ..

Goodness, but it's hot. You know it's bad when the Aga has to be turned off. (An Aga being a large range type cooker that pumps out a gentle heat all the time and engenders great love in its owner.) Normally opening a window is enough to deal with the problem - but not yesterday. So, finally, I did the deed.

To give you a picture of how serious this is - I've had to borrow a kettle from my mother-in-law (because I don't own a plug-in model) and have no means of cooking anything other than by lighting a bar-be-que. Won't that be interesting!

Meanwhile ...

The talk over the breakfast table this morning is the new UK legislation about child restraints. It comes into force in September and will mean all children up to 135cm must be in an appropriate child seat or booster. Having measured my brood I've discovered my youngest should - and will - be on a booster. He's not happy.

The funniest part of the conversation was the bit where I told them that the Department of Transport believe all children up to 11 (and under 150 cm) are not big enough to travel without a child seat. Age-wise that catches both offspring number 3 and offspring number 4.

I think 'incensed' is probably the word to describe their reaction. Maybe this is the start of a couple of political careers???

Right, five packed lunches to make and ten water bottles, one swimming kit, cello music and maths homework to find ...

Then I'll write - up to the point I have to go and see the Year 2 production of 'Joseph'anyway.

Hmmm. I think I may have to tip my day upside down again!


  • At 11:16 am, Anonymous Kate H said…

    Oh dear - I think there will be ructions with my 'almost a teenager' (aged 9), too. Better go look up said directives (sigh).

    Hope you had a good time at Joseph. Were any of yours in it?

    And as for kettles... noooo, it's time for ice-cold drinks with extra ice and lemon, not tea. Really. Trust me.

  • At 12:25 pm, Blogger Natasha said…

    And you never guess what?? The kettle tripped my system and left me without any power for four hours ...

    'Joseph' was excellent. Offspring number 5 was a triumph as Reuben. Nice for him to be the eldest brother for a change!

  • At 3:33 pm, Anonymous Kate Hardy said…

    Glad you had fun at 'Joseph' - and yay on #5. Ouch on the power. (No power = no fan = I hope you went to Starbucks instead or whichever's the nearest cafe with aircon...

  • At 1:16 am, Blogger Fiona Lowe said…

    Hope you have some cooler weather now. I have "hidden" the Jospeh CD..DS2 has worn it to death:-)

    BTW, your book, 'Accepting the Boss's Proposal' is advertised on the back of my Sept release, 'The Nurse's Longed-For Family.'
    can't wait to read your NEW romance!


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