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Thursday, September 07, 2006

All decided!

I have my next story! It's such a lovely feeling when a new story starts to take shape. When I get horribly stuck in the middle and start moaning you'll have to remind me how happy I was at the beginning - although I know nothing will feel quite so good again until I type 'The End'.

So here is my heroine, Willow Anthony (looking remarkably like Sienna Miller in this picture).

And my hero you met a couple of days ago. He's called Daniel, by the way, and is a thirty-four year old widower.

I'm also thinking it might be fun to try 'Romance' author Barbara Hannay's collage technique. You can read about it in an interview she gave to Nicola Marsh by clicking here. Basically, she puts images together and then uses it as a visual tool while she is writing a book.

Sounds fun! The only thing holding me back is a lack of magazines. *g*

And I've managed to solve the dilema caused by having a spare hero. I shall blog about Sean Bean on my Pink Heart Society 'Male On Monday' slot in October!!

Inspired, eh???


  • At 3:45 pm, Anonymous Jopee said…

    Good luck with the new story Natasha! Willow and Daniel sure make a gorgeous couple :) Looking forward to reading ATBP this weekend...

  • At 6:16 pm, Blogger Trish W said…

    Oooh GOOD CHOICE of hero and heroine! I've had a bit of a thing for Luke Wilson since Rumour Has it.... Nice!


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