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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Not that we actually have very much where we are at the moment - it's still significantly impacting my life.

Yesterday there was enough snow for a snowball fight and my children's schools were open as usual. Something they found very annoying. And I, in turn, found them very annoying. Was it my fault?? Did I instruct all their schools to stay open when others were closed???

Today ....... it's at that messy slush stage when everywhere looks very grubby and, for some reason which misses me entirely, the school my younger three go to has a 'snow day' whilst the school my eldest two go to (fourteen miles away) is open. It's a mystery! Elder two not happy. Still more snow forecast ...



  • At 8:54 am, Blogger Ally Blake said…


    We're going to get to 43 degrees celsius here in Melbourne tomorrow and that's after 3 days last week that or higher. A little snow would be lovely right about now!!!

    So nice to have you back with us!!!



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