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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My laptop has died!

And that's all I have to say, really. Humph.

Oh, and if Ms Johnson is around anywhere and would like to order me a replacement that'd be great. I swear it's worse than buying a car. That's so much it's easier, don't you think? Obviously colour is the most important factor, then a place to put the coffee cup while waiting for children to finish assorted clubs.

The thing about a laptop is I JUST WANT IT TO WORK. How difficult is that??? I don't find them intrinsically interesting. I don't want to spend half a day discussing it. I just want it to handle text in Word. Producing text being my job. Light would be good, since there are times when I've lugged my old laptop around and wished it didn't weigh as much as my eldest son's school bag, but it's not essential. I probably won't even put it on the internet because I have a 'big' computer for that. I certainly won't play games. Might be tempted by DragonSpeak at some point.

Of course there isn't a sales person in the country who believes me and I'm convinced they haven't really grasped the complexities of what they're selling anyway.

I've just spent the longest time looking up differing specifications on the web (big computer) and I've decided it's a degree subject. Anyone care to tell me what the difference between a DVD-SuperMulti Dual Layer Optical Drive is as compared to a DVD SuperMulti Dual Layer. And do we care anyway??? (No please don't! My will to live is ebbing ....)




  • At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Rachel said…

    Oh dear, poor you and it's all so TIME CONSUMING isn't it?
    It will be very interesting to see what you end up with as I am planning to 'invest' in my very first laptop after easter. I only really need it to have microsoft office on it, too dim for all this other technical stuff and the internet is way too distracting.My plan was to go to Staples/Currys/Comet/Sony shop with my best fluffy bunny, dimwit expression and get a nice young man to recommend something simple and-er-cheap.
    On the other hand, if prettiness is a major consideration you now have an excuse to get a gorgeous red or pink Sony VA10. Small objects of desire and you ARE worth it...
    Happy shopping,

  • At 8:13 pm, Blogger Natasha said…

    I looked at the Sony VA10, Rach, and it's got a really hard front edge. When the muse has stalled somewhat I think it would cut into my wrist. Lovely colours though.


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