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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Romantic Novelists' Association Hero Poll

Members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and that would include me, have voted Johnny Depp as the Number One Perfect Romantic Hero in a poll to mark Valentine’s Day.

According to these authors, a romantic hero should be gorgeous, deliciously sexy, intensely masculine and have a commanding presence.

‘We should be qualified to judge,’ one writer commented. ‘After all, we create these heroes on paper every day.’

The top ten male celebrities voted the Perfect Romantic Hero were:

1. Johnny Depp

2. Daniel Craig

3. Sean Bean

4. Richard Armitage

5. Hugh Jackman

6. Colin Firth

7. Alan Rickman

8. Pierce Brosnan

9. George Clooney

10. David Tennant

A second poll, taken by members of the RNA bravely admitting to being ‘over a certain age’, voted for male celebrities over fifty who’ve ‘still got it’. Remarkable for his appearance on both polls, Pierce Brosnan took the crown for the over fifties by a huge margin.

The top ten Over-Fifty Perfect Romantic Heroes were:

1. Pierce Brosnan

2. Harrison Ford

3. Ranulph Fiennes

4. Bill Nighy

5. Liam Neeson

6. Sam Neill

7. Sean Connery

8. Peter O’Toole

9. Clint Eastwood

10. Omar Sharif

My own personal favourite 'hero' is Richard Armitage.

If you've yet to see him as John Thornton in the BBC production of 'North and South' get thee to amazon. It's an absolute gem and I envy you seeing it for the first time.

Johnny Depp is fine, though. In fact, over at the Pink Heart Society we checked out our biorhythm compatibility and I discovered Johnny's life will not be quite complete without me. I'd long suspected that! Not sure I'm a devotee of the biorhythm theory but it's a great way to avoid working.

See how you do.

Have a great Valentine's Day!



  • At 11:08 pm, Blogger Trish said…

    And Hugh Jackman only made it to number FIVE?????


  • At 12:20 am, Blogger Natasha said…

    *Behind* Richard Armitage. As it should be, my child.

  • At 8:22 am, Blogger Kate Hardy said…

    Agreed, Natasha. Richard should have been #1. (Gorgeous pic, btw. Am nicking it for my files.)

    And where, oh, where, were Antonio and Rufus? :o)

  • At 8:29 pm, Blogger CherryT said…

    Richard at Number 4, its an insult to John Thornton The fictional Man Who put the S in Smolder

  • At 9:14 pm, Blogger Nicola Marsh said…

    Natasha, can you believe I have North and South still in its brand spanking new cellophane wrapping?
    What with losing a week of revision time with kids and me sick, then getting more 'tweaks' I'm still revising!!
    But oh, what a treat after I finish...Richard awaits :)

  • At 10:09 am, Anonymous sazzy said…

    There can be only one winner and that's Richard Armitage. He is the perfect romantic hero and has everything: looks, talent, charisma, charm and the ability to smoulder for England!


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