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Friday, December 08, 2006

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

It's the annual Victorian Christmas Fair weekend - and I'm feeling quite festive.

And quite alot poorer! That's the one big downside to having five children. They know it's not possible for them to try everything but I do end up spending far more than I ever planned to.

But who could resist going on a proper carousel?? Any moment you expect the horses to pop off and disappear into a picture a la 'Mary Poppins'.

Missing all the fun - or I suppose having some fun of his own - was my husband. This year, like last, he was Father Christmas. Obviously not 'the' Father Christmas. (I wouldn't want to shatter any illusions.)

We sent in one of Santa's Little Helpers to get this photo. I do feel it's something that should be preserved for posterity! It was all in aid of St John's Hospice so I hope they raised a lot of money. I'm pleased to report he only made two children cry - which is fairly good going ....


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