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Friday, December 07, 2007

It's an ill wind ..

that blows nobody any good. Isn't that how the saying goes??????

This week's Guardian piece on Mills & Boon has proved the truth of that. I've had lots of fun. First off, I discovered a really amusing blog on the subject which you can find here.

And a beautifully reasoned response here.

Then I got to listen to Trish argue 'our' case on BBC Radio Ulster. Now you've got to really picture what was going on to get the full enjoyment out of that situation. She's ill. Bird flu she says. (Obviously that's not funny.) And she's had a bit of a fight with the dentist and he won! (Again, not immediately amusing.) But follow it all through. There she is dosed up to the eyeballs, new plate in pocket so there's some possibility of speaking clearly ...

Let's pause for a moment and appreciate the glamour of that!

Then she's forced to read something from one of her books. Ha!

Now I like reading aloud. It returns to me my first love and, even though I say it myself, I do it well. But I do not like reading from my own books. It's so embarrassing. Add in to that the fact Trish was asked to read from her next release - which is a Modern Heat. Read any of those recently??????

I must be a really horrible person because I thoroughly enjoyed that. Very difficult, apparently, to find something suitable for late tea-time consumption.

And then there was the interview itself. My absolute favourite bit was the part where Finola Meredith said that she 'liked romance', books like 'Jane Eyre' for example.

What a gift!!!

Even with Toby Stephens as Rochester I do feel there's a need to suspend disbelief just a tad. Rochester????? Is she serious?

Now stand up and be counted all women who fantasise about falling for a potential bigamist. Let's be clear about this, that's a man who is lying to you.

Back to the typeface. I have steam coming off the keyboard ....

Oh - and I'm blogging over at the Pink Heart Society. Come see.

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