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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Behaving badly!

I had a lovely chat with my editor in which we adjusted all my deadlines and, in fact, titled the next two books. I'm still chuckling over that. Well, that and the fact I've somehow got to get a white wedding into a sheikh book. A little tricky! Still, I love a challenge ...

And I've been writing. Only I'm a tiny bit stuck .... and I'm sitting at the 'big' computer - which is always dangerous. I've indulged my habit under the guise of 'Christmas shopping', I've had a quick look at 'You Tube' and then a new thought occured to me. THEATRE. Quickly followed by 'I wonder what's on ....?'

I've now booked to go and see 'The Country Wife' at the Theatre Royal in London.

"One of the greatest and funniest comedies of the Restoration, The Country Wife tells the story of Horner, a notorious and lascivious man - about - town and his ingenious scheme for the rampant and mass seduction of the women of London society. By spreading the false rumour of his own impotence, he gains the sympathy of the husbands of the town and, more importantly, free access to their wives.

Meanwhile the newly-married Pinchwife desperately attempts to keep his naïve country bride from the clutches of predatory London bachelors. When she and Horner meet, events spiral out of his control…

Award-winning actors David Haig, Patricia Hodge and Toby Stephens lead the company in Wycherley’s dazzling comedy. Joining them is exciting young actress Fiona Glascott in the title role."

Now, I reckon this is acceptable because Toby Stephens is playing Horner and I reckon that could be construed as 'hero research', don't you?

Then I wandered over to the RSC site and found that I've accidentally bought tickets to see 'Loves Labours Lost' NEXT YEAR. Grief! I can't even manage to plan next week so what did I think I was doing ...?

Anyway I reckon that can be justified as an 'educational experience' since I'm taking all my children to that one. What do you think???? And, maybe 'hero research' again as David Tennant is playing Berowne. You'd better get a move on if you want to book any yourself because to get seven seats together I'm a fair way from the action.

Oh and he's doing 'Hamlet', too. Sacrilege maybe, but I find that play depressing.

As is 'Romeo and Juliet'. I took my daughter and my eldest son to see a student production of that last night. I've now seen it ... umpteen times and I've come to the conclusion I just don't get it. Firstly, why didn't Juliet just run away with Romeo as soon as he was banished? I mean, it wasn't as though she didn't know marriage to poor old Paris was on the cards. And, am I the only person who thinks everyone being 'sorry' isn't a very upbeat ending - however nice the statue???

Now, enough is enough. If you haven't seen 'Romeo and Juliet' recently you won't know what I'm talking about and my credit card has been flexed enough. Send me back to work.

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  • At 10:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done booking tickets for The Country Wife. It's hilarious and Toby Stephens is brilliant as Horner as is David Haig as Mr. Pinchwife and Patricia Hodge as Lady Fidget. You'll love it. Have fun!

  • At 4:11 pm, Blogger Michelle Styles said…

    I am very jealous indeed.
    I really rate Toby Stephens and the COuntry Wife is a great Restoration Comedy.

  • At 7:30 pm, Blogger Kate Hewitt said…

    Oh, I'm jealous! Those plays all sound fabulous. I spent a semester studying theatre in London in college and loved going to several shows a week. I love David Tennant too and am now wishing I could just zip over to London for a few shows... alas, not in this lifetime!



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