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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clearing my desk

I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork.
Peter De Vries

This is not a picture of my desk - mine is much worse! Or it was, until I started sorting it at about 6.00am.

It all began when offspring 4 mentioned school cooking. Let's not discuss the fact I find myself experiencing constant low level anger at his having to take in every single blasted item he needs, or that I have to make the same - usually revolting recipe - in order to bulk everything up to feed a family of seven ... School cooking day means you have to have the orange cookbook. Well, who knows where that is ...???

I bite down on the suggestion it might have been better to have got everything sorted last night. After all, what's the point at this stage???

In vain did I argue that, his being the fourth child, I remembered perfectly well what he needed and could type out the 'method' in about five minutes.
Add in to that the usual disasters - missing gum sheild, mango chutney added erroneously the someone's chicken sandwich when his brother KNEW he didn't like mango chutney, a lost homework sheet, 'impossible' geography homework which is due in today (anyone ready to draw a flow diagram on the life of an orange recycling sack??) and you have an accurate picture of my morning so far.

I have this recurring pleasant dream that one day I'll go to the 'cupboard-I-fondly-call-my-study' and find everything is exactly where I left it. The reality is sooooooo different. Anyone and everyone 'just' pops in to do some thing or other and 'just' pushes my things to one side 'for a moment'.
So, at the time I would naturally still be sleeping, I'm bleary eyed and trying to work out which bits of paper are actually connected to my WIP, which bits seem to hold lists of Christmas wants (presumably so I will notice them), which bits are school letters ...

Anyway you get the picture. Rather sadly I've discovered the letter inviting me to go have a smear test. REALLY don't like those.

Also discovered my half filled out tax return. We're at that time of the year again when there's an irritating man announcing 'tax doesn't have to be taxing' every time I turn on the radio. I don't know what form he is looking at!

(I can't let Trish have all the cat pictures, now can I!!)

And then I've been reminded it's competition time again. I'm really not sure about all that, but having started last year it's hard to not to play again. However, I may have to rethink. I've just tried to enter one online and can I get it to go through???????????????? Don't answer that!

I need a coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then book. I'm not even going to think about how many words I need to write today .....

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  • At 12:54 pm, Blogger Michelle Styles said…

    Yes well I expereince anger EVERY time it is cooking day. But you are really good with bulking it out. if the result is awful (biscuit dough pizza anyone?) it gets tossed. Otherwise it is first come, first served.
    Messy desks rule okay.
    And I do so know the problems of wishing no one would touch my desk. Or my papers...a forlorn hope.


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